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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Effects of Obesity

Is your Body Mass Index greater than 25 or is it 30 and above? Are you pear-like or just got an apple-like shape? If yes, you maybe overweight and/or obese. If you have a pear shape, it means the excess calories you have consumed are deposited all over your body as fat with the hips and thighs the major recipient. For apple shaped, the fats are deposited on the abdomen. These extra fat deposit comes with health consequences. Those extra fats can shorten your
life and also cause the following:
-aggravates diabetes
-deep vein thrombosis
-pregnancy complications
- obstructive sleep apnea
-menstrual abnormalities and hirsutism
-weight-related musculoskeletal  disorders and arthritis
-stress incontinence
-breathlessness and respiratory disease
-increase risk of certain cancers(e.g. colorectal cancer in men, and cancer of the gallbladder, biliary tract, breast, endometrium and cervix in women)
However, the only medical benefit of obesity is seen in osteoporosis, where bone density increases in response to excess weight.

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